Sunrui Special Equipment Won Second Prize in Henan Science and Technology Progress Award


  In recent days,the results of Henan Science and Technology Progress Award in 2017 have been revealed and"Key technology and application of new generation high speed railway bridge bearing"of Sunrui Special Equipment has won the second prize.Obtaining of this prize once again highlights the leading role of Sunrui Special Equipment in the field of high-speed railway bridge bearing technology,further enhancing the brand influence of Sunrui Special Equipment.

  Henan Science and Technology Progress Award was established by the provincial people's government,and was held annually to reward the citizens and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the progress of science and technology in Henan province,mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the science and technology workers,and accelerate the development of the science and technology business in Henan province.

  Based on the advantages of Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute's military technical advantages of metallic material,non-metallic material,corrosion and protection,this product has achieved major breakthroughs in design technology of high reliability bearing,design technology of friction pair with high load and low friction,design technology of bridge isolation bearing for special working conditions,anti-corrosion protection technology of bridge bearing in harsh environment,integrating technology of cross-line bridge swivel construction and other aspects for the use requirements of bridge bearing in high-speed railway.The key technology of the new generation of high-speed railway bridge bearings has been formed,with 21 authorized patents including 2 prizes in Chinese Patent Award and 3 standards.A new generation of high-speed railway bridge bearing products developed by the Company have been upgraded and widely used in"eight vertical and eight horizontal"high-speed railway trunk lines in China,with outstanding contributions to the safety of the national high-speed railway bridges and safe operation of backbone network.At the same time,it has been also applied in the landmark projects Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge,Jingyue Yangtze River Bridge and other river-crossing and sea-crossing highways.This project has achieved sales revenue of 1.53 billion yuan in the past three years,and has promoted the application of more than 20 professional bridge bearing manufacturing units in the railway construction industry.The accumulative sales volume has been more than 10 billion yuan,leading the application technology progress of high-speed rail bearing products,with remarkable economic and social benefits.

  The popularization and application of the project product not only conforms to the national supply side structure reform and development strategy,but also plays an important role in in the process of promoting the national development strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative.