Sunrui Special Equipment Hyperboloidal Isolation Bearings Win Model Selection of Djakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway Simulated Beam Test


  Recently,the 8 Sunrui Special Equipment hyperboloidal isolation bearings that win the model selection of Djakarta-Bandung high-speed railway simulated beam test have been completed and successfully delivered to the Xiangyang beam factory of Wuhan-Shiyan Railway of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group.

  On December 21,2015,the opening ceremony of Djakarta-Bandung high-speed railway was held in Vallini,West Java Province,which means that the first high-speed rail construction in Indonesia's history was officially launched and that Indonesia will officially enter the"high-speed railway era"in 2018.The high-speed railway which China participates in its construction will connect Jakarta,the capital,with Bandung,the fourth largest city in Indonesia,marking a major achievement of the railway cooperation between China and Indonesia and a good start of the"going out"of China's railways in 2016.

  The domestic authoritative design unit has decided to adopt a new type of beam for Djakarta-Bandung high-speed railway after full demonstration.Indonesia is located at the junction of the Pacific Seismic Belt and the Eurasian Seismic Belt and belongs to the typical high-intensity seismic zone with frequent earthquakes and volcanic activities,so the Djakarta-Bandung high-speed railway requires special seismic isolation design.Sunrui Special Equipment is a leader in the field of bridge construction safety equipment and its seismic isolation products are widely used in high intensity seismic areas in China,so Sunrui Special Equipment specially designs the seismic isolation bearings for the new type of beam used for Djakarta-Bandung high-speed railway.China Railway International Group takes the lead in organizing the test of the new type of beam,China Railway Design Group is responsible for the design,China Academy of Railway Sciences is responsible for the relevant tests,Xiangyang beam factory of Wuhan-Shiyan Railway of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group is responsible for the manufacture of the test beams,and Sunrui Special Equipment is responsible for the design and manufacture of the key node-isolation bearings.

  It is no accident that Djakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project"joins hands with"China.In fact,the consensus is reached based on China's technical experience and sincerity in cooperation.It shows the development and reform of China's high-speed railway technology and embodies the wisdom and sincerity of the Chinese people.With the help of the national high-speed railway strategy and the national strategy of"One Belt and One Road",Sunrui Special Equipment actively promotes"going out"of enterprises,broadens the cooperation field and further expands the international influence of"Sunrui"brand,marking that Sunrui Special Equipment's"13th Five-Year Plan"overseas market expansion strategy has achieved new progress.