Sunrui Special Equipment Bearing Sing Trip to Maldives


  In early November,Orient Lines in Shanghai Harbor received several special passengers-Sunrui Special Equipment special stainless steel bearings with the destination of Maldives which is known as the"Pearl of the Indian Ocean".The special bearings will be used in the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge in Maldives.The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge is a large-scale infrastructure project jointly agreed by the leaders of the two countries during the state visit by President Xi Jinping to Maldives in September 2014,and is a livelihood project concerned by the Maldives government and people.

  The trip to Maldives of Sunrui Special Equipment bearings is successfully implemented under the strategic background of"One Belt and One Road",which is the first show in overseas market of the Sunrui Special Equipment special stainless steel bearings,marking the further extension of the brand influence of Sunrui Special Equipment bridge construction safety equipment.It also blows the horn for Sunrui Special Equipment bridge accessories to successfully enter the overseas market.

  The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge project is located in the Indian Ocean with sea level altitude of less than 10 meters and typical marine climate.The corrosion of conventional steel materials is extremely fast due to high salinity of sea water and high humidity and seawater will submerge the bridge piers when the maximum tidal bore occurs,so the service environment of bearings is extremely harsh and there is no condition of conservation and maintenance.By virtue of the technical plan of special stainless steel bearings,Sunrui Special Equipment has won the trust of the constructors and designers and is making contributions as"national team".The use of special materials also brings new challenges to the design of every component of the bearing.To this end,Sunrui Special Equipment gives full play to the advantages of professional collaboration,combined with the technical force of special materials industry and bridge construction safety equipment industry,maintains a strict standard for multiple links such as material selection,structural design,manufacturing,assembly,testing,etc.and finally realizes the successful supply of bearings.Stainless steel bearings and waterproof structural design effectively solve the corrosion in the marine environment and the adverse consequence of long time"diving"of bearings.However,new materials and structural design have brought great challenges to product manufacturing,especially processing,welding and assembling processes.In response to this challenge,the bridge construction safety equipment industry department actively makes plans,explores new ideas and works together,and successfully completes this supply task.

  Maldives is a node in China's strategy of"One Belt and One Road".It is an archipelagic country located in the Indian Ocean with a land area of 298 square kilometers and an average altitude of 1.8 meters.Consisting of 26 natural atolls and 1192 coral islands(there are 200 islands that have people settled)which form 20 atolls and are distributed in the sea area of 90,000 square kilometers,it is a world famous tourist destination.