Shuang rui te outfit party branch to carry out Party day activities with the theme of "to join the party, to pool development power"


  Report from our correspondent Chen qingling)on October 31,double rui te outfit management center to carry out the theme of the party day activities with the theme of"join the party in the initial mind,cohesion development force".Comrade zhao yinxing and comrade wu shuxiang of the group's seventh guidance group were present and gave guidance.Management center all party members and active members attended the meeting,party branch secretary Chen qingling presided over,party branch secretary wang yanjun,deputy general manager liu zhifeng as ordinary party members to participate in the activities.

  Attended the event organization together to watch the general secretary of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the acquisition of comrade speech and the military parade,comrade Wang Yanjun conveyed by the 725 military work conference spirit,for the first time the 725 comrade Wu Shuxiang steering group on the detailed interpretation of the convening of the meeting background,thought to be a calibration course,return to military industry the first meeting,this also is we have a beginner's mind.

  Comrades cannot help but extol their admiration at the sight of China's capable and formidable troops and ever-changing sophisticated weapons and equipment.The grand momentum conveyed by the mighty force is mighty and irresistible.After watching the comrades enthusiastically speak,probationary party member comrade zhang linlin said to see this scene,as a Chinese proud,regeneration also do Chinese;Party Wang Yanjun spokesman said the current international situation is very dangerous,the us-led western capitalist countries have been eyeing for China,creating a pick things never interrupt,attempt in the political,military,economic,cultural and other fields to contain China,but because of the leadership of the party and the country,the growing of the army,to resolve the crisis of again and again;Party member zhang erzai expresses to grasp quality management strictly with strong sense of mission and sense of responsibility,safeguard weapon equipment quality,make high-quality product;Comrades have said that we share the same breath with the motherland,only a strong motherland as a backing,we can safely survive.Similarly,the enterprise's strong let us have no worries,the staff and the unit share the same fate,the unit and the staff with the development,as a member of the unit,we should do our own work,to promote the company's high-quality development.

  Comrade zhao yinxing of the 7th touring guidance group affirmed the theme party day activity of the party branch of the management center,believing that watching the 70th anniversary military parade was closely in line with the theme of"jointly joining the party in the first place and gathering development power".Said the theme of the party day activities to coincide with the end of the second batch of thematic education research phase to carry out,at the right time.Through the theme of the party day activities to strengthen the political life within the party,strengthen the exercise of party spirit,guide party members not to forget their original intention,keep in mind the mission,unity of thought to strengthen the primary responsibility of the army,focus on the main responsibility of the main business up.I hope that comrades do their job,for the country and the development of the unit to take responsibility,contribution.

  Photo by:wang chaoyang