Shuang rui te clothing publicity and continuous study of "725 high quality development of the three-year action plan"


  Report from our correspondent(reporter Chen qingling)on November 1,shuanruite outfit party general branch organization xuanguan study"725 high quality development of the three-year action plan"(hereinafter referred to as"the three-year action plan").Company leaders,chief engineer,deputy chief engineer,general manager assistant,professional chief engineer,marketing chief,branch secretary and other departments attended the study.The study was presided over by party secretary wang yanjun,general manager Chen jizhi.

  Guided by xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era,the three-year action plan is to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress and a series of decisions and arrangements made by the central committee.In order to implement the three-year action plan,shuang rui teiang has formulated a series of implementation measures.The purpose of this session is to further promote the theme of"never forget the original intention,remember the mission"education,deeply understand xi jinping thought on socialism with characteristics of the new era,and fully implement the three-year action plan in the company's implementation of special learning activities.The study is divided into four parts:current situation and situation,general ideas,important tasks and implementation requirements.Based on the content of the three-year action plan of the 725 institute,the author adds the idea of further implementation of the double rete suit,so that the three-year action plan is implemented and implemented.

  Starting from improving the political position and the initial mission,Chen jizhi carefully interpreted the situation,the existing gap and the general idea of the development,briefly introduced the main tasks and implementation requirements of the 725 institute,and used practical cases to carry out publicity and implementation in a simple way.Chen Jizhi stressed that all party members and cadres to strengthen learning,to strengthen the ideological theory of armed,people-oriented,pay attention to personnel training,to strengthen the construction of talent team and adjust the working train of thought,follows the laws of market competition,the practice of reform,development and practice,as soon as possible to complete the company action plan,take action and deepen the measures,comprehensive implementation of the 725 three years by the high quality development plan of action.

  Finally,wang yanjun made a summary and made a request.One is to continue learning with thinking,improve the position,give consideration to the overall situation,and consider problems from the perspective of overall development of the company.Second,we will deepen implementation,identify problems and gaps,reject formalism,and effectively implement them.Third,we should advocate the spirit of hard struggle,be brave in fighting,innovation and dedication,and fulfill our duties and make contributions to the high-quality development of the 725 institute and shuangrui special equipment.

  Photo by:xu zhaoqi