The double rui ball hinge helps the world's heaviest continuous beam turntable bridge to successfully turn


  Report from our correspondent(reporter jian-ping shen,cheung man-kwong)on November 7th 0:50 to PM,in the morning in huangpi district of wuhan city new ten road pine hillock,luoyang double special equipment co.,LTD production of the bearing capacity of 33000 tons of ball joint success,power of wuhan four super important railway continuous beam bridge across multiple loop,the successful completion of the swivel.

  Wuhan four loop engineering respectively GuangHuo offline line across Beijing,wu north HanDan TDD line,beijing-guangzhou passenger line has,wu arrive north HanDan line,Beijing GuangHuo line upward,wuhan north line downward environment and development,shekou depot private sidings,etc.8 railway,railway transportation is busy,high security risks.The weight of the rotating body of the bridge is 33,000 tons,the maximum rotating body Angle is 87.47°,the diameter of the rotating disc reaches 21.3m,which is the largest diameter of the rotating disc in China.The rotating body bridge is 142m long,42.9m wide and 22m high.It is the world's heaviest single continuous beam rotating bridge.

  Of bridge of the core parts for luoyang double special equipment co.,LTD production of swivel hinge,ball of the ball joint have adopted the most advanced domestic large size,high precision casting ball joint,the application of high bearing capacity,low coefficient of friction materials,non-metallic friction pair of only need the equivalent of a heavy truck pulling force can make single weighs 33000 tons of Bridges of in situ.

  The successful completion of the construction of wuhan fourth ring road project is a key construction project in hubei province and wuhan city.The successful completion of the project marks a breakthrough and lays a foundation for the smooth opening of the project in 2020.Wuhan will further improve the wuhan after the completion of the four circle section"loop+ray"road network layout,effective connection metro group transportation hub,logistics park,industrial park,ease the five ring(ring road)and three loop traffic pressure,making wuhan Newport on both sides of the link between transportation channel is more efficient,to the development of city logistics industry is very prominent.