The party branch of shuangruitai special material products actively carries out the "theme party day" and "a good deed" activities


  Report from our correspondent(kou cheng)recently,double rui te pack special material products party branch actively carry out the"theme party day"and"a good thing"activities.

  The theme of the party day of the party branch of specialty wood products is"review the ecological civilization construction of the 19th national congress report and actively promote the green upgrading of specialty wood industry",which closely follows the environmental protection topic that the current specialty wood industry employees pay close attention to.In the form of a party lecture given by the party branch secretary,wang lingshui reviewed the relevant contents of the report of the 19th CPC national congress together with party members and activists of the party branch,Shared typical cases of environmental accidents at home and abroad in modern history,and helped everyone better understand the necessity and importance of supporting environmental governance and building ecological civilization together.Guo xuzhen,member of the branch,as the representative of the special material manufacturing department,explained to us the plan,expected effect and progress of the environmental protection renovation project of the cast steel workshop,so that the staff of the special material industry have more understanding and confidence in the future cast steel production.

  Children are the future of the motherland,is the hope of the Chinese nation.The"a good deed"activity of the party branch of specialty material products turned the love into the fragrance of books and delivered spiritual food to the children of z-zhuang primary school in high-tech zone.The activity of"ten yuan love to send books"initiated by the branch got the positive response from all the members of the branch.Forty party members and activists raised more than five hundred yuan to buy 138 books.In the simple book gift ceremony,the leader of z-zhuang primary school expressed sincere gratitude to the branch representative,and expressed the hope that in the future,there would be more communication opportunities with such an excellent high-tech enterprise as shuangruite packaging,so as to broaden the horizon of children and open a scientific window.

  To fulfill the party member's commitment,based on the responsibility of the post.In accordance with the general requirements of adhering to the original heart,carrying the mission,finding the gap,and grasping the implementation,the party branch of special material will dare to act as,brave responsibility,and contribute to the development and upgrading of the special material industry of double rui te outfit!

  Photo by:ko cheng