Shuang ruitai held "not forgetting the original mind, remember the mission" thematic education review analysis of the problem exchange meeting


  Report from our correspondent Chen qingling on November 19,shuanruitai outfit party general branch organization held a"do not forget the original intention,keep in mind the mission"thematic education inspection analysis problem exchange meeting.Liu yanjiang,director of the 725 institute,chairman of the double rete outfit,and wu shuxiang,director of the 725 institute,attended the meeting and gave guidance.The meeting was presided over by wang yanjun,secretary of the general party branch,and all members of the leading group of the company attended the meeting.

  This review analyzes problems communicating is rhett with leadership team members according to the second batch of"don't forget the beginner's mind,keep in mind that the mission"theme education work plan arrangement,on the basis of concentrated study and research,dig out the team and team members in the new era of company quality problems existing in the process of development,and analyzes the cause of the problem.Wang yanjun,on behalf of the leading group,made the report of the educational inspection materials of the theme of"don't forget your original intention and keep your mission in mind"of the general branch of the party.We will examine the issues and compare them with the views of the public,and identify shortcomings in their ideology,responsibility,service,discipline,and effectiveness.By examining the pendulum problem,grasping the main problems,analyzing the causes,and preparing for the next democratic meeting.Examine the problem and analyze the key issues that affect the company's high-quality development.

  </p><p>liu yanjiang confirmed the purpose of the inspection and analysis of the problem of the double rui outfit exchange meeting,and put forward five hopes.It is to strengthen study,strengthen thought arm.The second is to improve the position,to ensure that the company along the right direction of development.Third,we will strengthen our responsibility and constantly improve our working ability and level.Fourth,pay attention to the construction of the style of work,to create a clean and positive development environment.Fifth,we will consolidate and make good use of achievements in thematic education.

  Photo by:xu zhaoqi