Liu yanjiang participated in the exchange meeting of the theme of "never forget your original intention, always remember your mission"


  Report from our correspondent Chen qingling on November 19,shuanruitai outfit party general branch organization held a"do not forget the original intention,keep in mind the mission"thematic education inspection analysis problem exchange meeting.Liu yanjiang,director of 725 institute and chairman of shuang rui tete outfit attended the meeting.

  This review analyzes problems communicating is rhett with leadership team members according to the second batch of"don't forget the beginner's mind,keep in mind that the mission"theme education work plan arrangement,on the basis of concentrated study and investigation,the review team members learning xi new age thinking of socialism with Chinese characteristics,check against the party constitution,rules,regulations,control the mass opinion suggestion,controlled by 725 high quality development action plan(2019-2021)for three years,to carry out the regression BaoJun first responsibility,advancing the military meeting arrangement deployment situation and other issues;We will examine the role of party members as pioneers and role models.By investigating the pendulum problem,we can grasp the main problem and analyze the root of the subjective thought,so as to make preparations for the next democratic meeting.

  </p><p>liu yanjiang on the double rui special outfit inspection analysis of the results of the exchange meeting said that the double rui special outfit in accordance with the requirements of the party committee and deployment,solid development of the subject education,the completion of the tasks issued in the department,to hand over a satisfactory answer.

  Liu yanjiang put forward five requirements for the leadership of the double ruite outfit.

  One must strengthen the study,strengthens the thought arm.We need to learn,understand and implement xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era,strengthen the"four consciousnesss",strengthen the"four confidencies",and uphold the"two".In the new era,as a communist party member,especially as a leading party member of the military research institute,I have a great responsibility to arm my mind with xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era,keep up with the pace of The Times,combine theory with practice,solve the problems encountered in my work and solve the problems of development.

  Second,to improve the station position,to ensure that the double reiter along the correct track of development.It is the responsibility of our 725 institute to build a strong military,and it is our mission to improve the combat capability and modernize the naval equipment.The double suit is an important part of my job.The development of double ritter outfit,must improve the political position,must improve the ability to grasp the general trend,adapt to the development trend of the contemporary world economy,always ensure that double ritter outfit along the right direction of development.

  Third,we must strengthen our responsibility and constantly improve our ability and level of work.In line with general secretary xi jinping's proposal that leading cadres should be"strong in politics,strong in faith,strong in responsibility,strong in ability and strong in style",they should be strict with themselves,have the courage to shoulder heavy burdens and fight hard in practice,and enhance their abilities in specific work.In the face of the current complex situation,we should improve political awareness,strengthen policy research,act in strict accordance with laws and regulations,pay attention to the interests of workers,solve the problems faced by workers,and constantly improve the ability to analyze and solve problems,improve the ability to make decisions and take risks.

  Fourth,we should attach importance to the construction of style of work and create a development environment with clean and positive atmosphere.We should carry forward the glorious tradition of double ritter,speak of unity,speak of dedication,be fair and just in all things,and do the best in the use of people.To strengthen the style of construction,to create a clean atmosphere.Between the leadership and the leadership,between the leadership and the masses,between the masses and the masses,we should establish a clear and clean,orderly relationship.To pay attention to technology brand marketing,technical personnel,operating personnel,production personnel and key positions of personnel to strictly implement the system,to ensure the safety of the development of the company and employees.

  Fifth,we should make good use of the results of thematic education.We should give full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of every communist party member,mobilize the enthusiasm of all members,work in unity,turn the achievements of thematic education into a driving force for development,and make every effort to accomplish this year's tasks.

  Members of the theme education instruction group of 725 institute,all members of the leadership group of shuangruite outfit attended the meeting.

  Photo by:xu zhaoqi