Shuang ruite outfit manufacturing guarantee party branch party building team work results are obvious


  Report from our correspondent(zhang lei)double rui special outfit manufacturing guarantee party branch by the production operation department,material department,security department and quality assurance department and other manufacturing guarantee department party members.As"don't forget the beginner's mind,keep in mind that the mission"theme education an important part of the implementation plan,and manufacturing to ensure the party branch party about earnestly implement the company"party into the shift work requirements,actively promoting party construction work with production to ensure center"double fusion,to promote"series of activities,such as branch party member departments of the same line shift employees consciously use lean method combing problem,think in lean thinking,the implementation of lean production to improve the project,team party construction achieved significant results.

  From April to November 2019,the party branch members and front-line production staff of the manufacturing guarantee party completed more than 10 lean production improvement projects,promoting the production to achieve quality,environmental safety,cost,efficiency and other improvements.

  Production operations of the party members'Wei Baoheng,Zhang Leitong pipeline safety equipment manufacturing molding,energy storage and transportation equipment manufacturing development group staff,completed a large diameter bellows hydraulic molding automation workstation,cylinders length cutting electric platform,cylinder spinning up-down material guide cylinder tooling production innovation to improve and intelligent manufacturing project,such as large diameter corrugated pipe forming,cylinders spinning production efficiency by more than 60%,in such aspects as the intensity of labor,product quality and achieve good improvement.

  Supplies department party member wang hai,Wang Xinpeng,Lv Xinyun,Lucas chow,such as the implementation of lean procurement management,authors ideas,breakthrough business authors,technology extension structure authors advocate new ideas:to understand the real demand,through process optimization,process optimization,the implementation of the passenger dedicated line of fuzhou and weather resistance steel and casting alloy,heze thermal spiral welded pipe instead of straight seam welded pipe and other procurement scheme,reduce overall manufacturing costs products,the effect is remarkable.In conjunction with the staff of the smelting group of the special material products manufacturing department,we implemented the QC improvement project to improve the smelting efficiency of the parent alloy,which increased the smelting efficiency by 20%and saved nearly 100,000 yuan in charge of furnace charge and reinspection.

  Guan junsheng,zhang lei,li zinian,party members of the security department,and other employees of the production operation department and manufacturing department overcame various adverse factors,worked overtime and worked hard for more than 30 days to complete the installation and construction of sand blasting anti-corrosion operation VOCs,realized the production of standard emission,and solved the production limit bottleneck of environmental protection.

  Qa department members section,zhe,chih-hao lee,Yuan Jinyi,LangZhenSheng,south wood red line inspection personnel to identify,completed the promote peel bond strength test ability,improve the efficiency of 610 type cylinder cleaning drying and improve the efficiency of pump body wear plate installation hole test,bolt,nut,automatic detection technology application several QC improvement and intelligent manufacturing project,used to enhance working efficiency and the quality inspection.

  Manufacturing to ensure the party branch to promote party member in team activities,carry out the next higher party organization construction requirements,to enhance the party organization cohesive force,influence,and promote a line shift employees to improve awareness and skill level,solve the practical problems encountered in the part of the production,good quality,and the work efficiency,working for the party construction,high quality development of ours!