Shuang rui te clothing will hold the academic exchange meeting in 2019


  Report from lianhe zaobao(correspondent liu Lin)January 2 solstice 3,shuang ruitai held the 2019 annual academic exchange meeting.Rhett with since its inception,adhering to the"precipitation,share,inspiration,learning"principle,adhere to the academic exchange meeting held every year,this was the 14th academic communication,collecting 14 116 special reports and academic and technical papers,this two days of academic exchange,conference reports and group communication two links.

  Congress report link,the company leadership,always help,general,vice general,market and the total teacher professional,a total of 14 people,carefully summarize and detailed comb,respectively to share about rhett with development and thinking of many aspects,on the path of ascension,the content including enterprise development and reform idea,industry analysis,management innovation,marketing model transformation and upgrading of thinking,intelligent manufacturing and so on.More than 190 persons attended the conference,including heads of each department of shuang rui te outfit,all management,operation,r&d,technology and craft personnel.By combing,summarizing and reporting,the leaders and core staff of shuangruitai not only improve and grow their own management level,but also inspire and learn from the participants through communication,exchange and inheritance,and fully stimulate the innovation ability of the employees in their jobs.

  Group communication link,on the basis of the five rhett with industry is divided into comprehensive and Bridges,pipes and containers,special material and new industries such as three groups at the same time,communication content covers the technical research,product development,design,improvement,process optimization,management innovation,software development,risk control,experience sharing,etc.,fully shows the overall innovation achievement.

  General manager Chen Jizhi pointed out that in this"paralysis,risky surplus economy,as well as active as the dominant economy",full of light of the new era,rhett with face the risk of serious and major development opportunity,to break through the surplus economy and open economy,achieve high quality development,reform and innovation as the theme,to identify the current situation,development ideas,transform development momentum,a clear path to follow rules,innovative working methods,build consensus,to break the development bottleneck in the new era.

  The meeting through the platform,promotes the staff summary,comb,promotion and growth,promote the staff communication,communication,inspiration and learning,and so did the argument materialized,precipitation,reference and application,improve the staff's exchange,mutual trust,friendship and cooperation,inspired rhett with full enthusiasm of innovation,shaping a good academic atmosphere,further research and development,production,management,rhett with management innovation ability,help rhett with high quality development.

  Photo by:xu zhaoqi