Review, summary and evaluation to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the company -- the department performance appraisal meeting of 2019 will be held by shuangruitai


  Report from our correspondent(reporter asa troops)is a comprehensive summary of 2019 annual department's achievements and existing problems,and to reveal the work mentality and development goals of the 2020,strengthen the work communication and learning between different departments,unified thought,efficient collaboration,ensure the smooth implementation of company's next annual target better realize double rhett with high quality development.On January 5th,solstice,shuangruitai held the 2019 annual department performance appraisal meeting,which was presided over by general manager Chen jizhi.More than 80 people including company leaders,general manager assistant,chief(deputy)engineer,chief professional engineer,chief marketing engineer and department heads attended the meeting.

  On the whole,the performance appraisal of the department adopts the form of"quantitative assessment+qualitative assessment",and carries out the differentiated assessment design according to the work nature,positioning and characteristics of each department,so as to promote the vertical self-improvement and horizontal comparative learning of the department.According to the assessment and reporting requirements,23 departments and 7 individuals exposed their achievements,highlighted their experiences,talked about problems,analyzed the causes,clarified their ideas,and proposed work goals and measures for 2020.The assessment committee made the assessment score according to the general situation.

  Chen jizhi gave full recognition to the performance appraisal and put forward six requirements for the overall work in 2020.First,all employees should continue to deeply practice the concept of innovative development,adhere to the"identification of needs,innovation-driven,value creation,common growth"comprehensive high-quality development ideas;Second,fully implement and implement the technical marketing and brand marketing,strengthen the strategic cooperation with the design institute,do a good job in the market positioning of each industry,clear segmentation and service objects,innovation,create solutions,break the bottleneck of high-quality development in the new era,improve the market competitiveness and customer satisfaction;Third,we should further improve the research and development system that supports market management,solve the bottleneck resources,strengthen the formulation of standards and specifications,enter the market segments,promote the technical identification of market segments,continue to improve the level of research and development and core competitiveness,and consolidate the position of the industry.Fourth,we will deepen the"three major transformations"of production technology,green transformation and intelligent transformation.We will continue to improve basic lean management such as process optimization,process innovation and QC.Fifth,comprehensively deepen the management innovation,change the thinking,change the momentum,take the result as the guidance,standardize the working procedure,promote the company's management effectiveness.Sixth,strengthen the party building mission,deeply integrate the party building work and business development,deeply integrate the staff's thought management and behavior management,unify the staff's thought,better promote the company's high-quality development.

  This performance appraisal meeting was successfully held.It summarized the past and looked forward to the future.Chen jizhi requires all cadres and employees to follow the work requirements of 2020 as the guidance,based on the position,change the thinking,innovative development,efficient cooperation,and strive for performance,for the high quality development of double ritter!

  Photo by:xu zhaoqi