The management review meeting of 2019 will be held by shuang ruitai


  Report from our correspondent(reporter xu zhaoqi zhao shuang)on the afternoon of January 5,the double rete equipment held the 2019 annual management review meeting,the 2019 year three system operation situation was reviewed,summarized and evaluated.Chen jizhi,the company's top manager and general manager,presided over the meeting.The assessment will comprehensively evaluate the suitability,adequacy and effectiveness of this year's military product quality system,civil product three-in-one management system,special equipment quality assurance system and control valve inspection and maintenance quality management system.Company leaders,general manager assistant,chief(deputy)engineers,professional chief,marketing chief,department heads and so on more than 80 people attended the meeting.

  Conference,quality ring Ann department yeung sum do 2019"quality,environment and occupational health and safety system management review report,report focus this year the company quality,environment and occupational health and safety management system operation,the year audit results,the performance of each product,the status of the preventive and corrective actions,as well as the system construction of 2020 focus and improvement direction.Then,according to the input requirements of the management review plan,the representatives of each system responsible engineer shall input and report the operation of the special equipment quality assurance system(pressure vessel,steel seamless,slotted pipe fitting,metal expansion joint,pressure pipe element,valve manufacturing,etc.)and the control valve inspection and maintenance quality assurance system.

  Attendees from"the practice of the innovation development idea,carry out and implement technology marketing,brand marketing,clear niche and the service object,to break the bottleneck of high quality new era,the market competitiveness and customer satisfaction"management general objective,in-depth issues surrounding the discussion,put forward Suggestions for improvement,for rhett with high quality development of ideas.

  In his summary speech,Chen jizhi pointed out that our company's military product quality management system,civil product quality,environment and occupational health management system,special equipment quality assurance system,control valve inspection and maintenance quality management system operate properly,fully and effectively.The seven management improvement decisions put forward by the conclusion of the 2018 management review have been completed and achieved initial results.Meanwhile,seven improvement decisions have been put forward in the areas of research and development,market,production,human resources,system construction,environmental protection and equipment.

  The management review input,fully meet the standard requirements,through the review,finding out the double rhett in system construction and the maintenance,the product manufacturing process quality control,resource requirements,to meet customer demand,as well as the problems and the need to improve the link,to practice the innovation development idea,rhett with full implementation and carry out technical marketing,brand marketing,to break the new era of development bottleneck,high-quality development laid a solid foundation.

  Photo by:xu zhaoqi