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(1) In the stages of product installation, commissioning and operation, we will send after-sales service technical personnel to the scene according to the actual situation to assist the users to solve the problems encountered during installation, commissioning and operation of the products;
(2) After the product is put into use, we will track the quality of the products that have been installed for use. We will carry out follow-up survey of in-service products, understand the situation and listen to user comments. If problems are found during use of the product, we will actively cooperate with the user to analyze the cause of the problem and promptly provide emergency measures and / or improvement plans;
(3) If the product is abnormal during operation, we will arrive at the scene within 24 hours (not later than 48 hours at the latest, overseas not included) to solve the problem after receiving the notification from the user. Our Company also promises: the products provided are new without quality defects and in line with the standards; to provide detailed product instructions for storage, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, etc.; to provide relevant personnel training services according to user needs; to replace the product for free in the warranty period if the product has quality problems; to provide pipeline compensation design, model selection of bellows expansion joints and related services for free.

After-sales Service


The corresponding sales department receives customer service call.


Arrange technical staff to contact with the customer to ask about the fault condition and decide whether to replace it or repair it.


If it needs to be replaced, arrange operating personnel to confirm with the customer on the product specifications for replacement; if it needs to be repaired, arrange the appropriate operating personnel and technicians to rush to the scene within 24 hours.


The customer makes satisfaction evaluation of after-sales service.