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Five Pillar Sections

Section of Bridge Construction Safety Equipment

It independently develops the high bearing and totally enclosed spherical bridge bearing product line, and has successively developed the railway continuous beam bridge spherical bearings, railway simple-supported beam bridge spherical bearings, hinged shaft sliding bearings, tension and compression bearings, wind-resistant bearings, hyperboloidal spherical isolation bearings, damping tenons, swivel spherical hinges, bridge expansion and contraction installation and other products.

Section of Pipeline Safety Equipment

With the advantages of materials R&D and application technology in Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute, the products mainly focus on the safety, reliablility, energy conservation and environment protection of piping and equipment. The Company has Class A manufacturing license for pressure piping components, and can poduce various kinds of metal bellows expansion joints, sleeve expansion joints, pipe fittings, pipe bearings and other piping components. Its key technologies and military quality guarantee the pipeline compensation safety of major projects such as national warships, petrochemical plants, and central heating in key cities. More than 70 patented products have filled the gap in China, leading the development of expansion joint technology in China, and promoting the progress of the industry. There are two national key products: high corrosion resistant and heat resistant expansion joint for energy and chemical plant, and corrosion resistant alloy expansion joint for urban central heating. Its metal bellows expansion joint is a famous brand product in Henan Province.

Section of High-strength Anti-corrosion Special Material Products

The Company is committed to new materials, new technology and environmental application research on special steel and alloy such as anti-corrosion alloys, heat-resistant alloys, high temperature alloys, low magnetic steel for ships, high strength stainless steel and structural alloy steel, as well as materials and products under special working conditions. With rich experience in the development and manufacturing of new materials and safety evaluation (failure analysis) of materials and products, the products can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements. The Company can provide valve castings under various conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, corrosion and high pressure, and can provide corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps, corrosion-resistant alloy flanges in the high sulfur environment, corrosion-resistant tightening parts with high strength and ductility for ships, stainless alloy steel and corrosion-resistant profiles and forgings.

Section of Energy-efficient Equipment

The Company is the first domestic scientific research unit to obtain Class 1, 2 and 3 pressure vessel manufacturing license, and has been engaged in the research and development, design and manufacturing of special material pressure vessels and energy-efficient equipment for thirty years. It can develop and manufacture the heat exchanger, tower, storage tank, reactor, separator and other pressure vessels and energy-efficient equipment made of titanium alloy, nickel alloy, copper alloy, Monel, Hastelloy alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel and metal composite materials. Product types include high efficiency heat exchanger, large tower, absorption heat pump, power plant condenser and other types. The products are sold well all over China, and have been exported to the United States, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, energy, electricity, environmental protection and other industries, enjoying a good quality reputation from the boiler and pressure vessel management departments, supervision and inspection agencies and the majority of users.

Section of Clean Energy Storage and Transportation Equipment

The Company has researched high-pressure large-capacity gas cylinders for ships for more than 20 years, accumulating rich experience in design, research, development and production. Relying on the research results transformation of high pressure (25MPa and 40MPa) cylinders, it has successively developed four series of products, namely, high-pressure gas cylinders, gas storage cylinder group, long tube trailers and hydraulic gas stations, declared 15 patents, with A1, B1, C2 and C3 manufacturing qualification. The products are mainly used for storage and transportation of compressed natural gas (CNG), as well as industrial gases such as hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen chloride. At the same time, based on the requirements of different customers for special gas cylinder products, trial-production can be conducted rapidly to meet the diverse needs of customers.